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canada flag O Canada!
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O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Pre-Arrival Consultation

Before arrival in Canada, our local office offers a consultation and orientation session to give you a basic idea about your new life in Canada. The session is approximately 1 hour either on telephone or in-person to answer any queries related to the following:

  • Help the students to find out their correct study pathway by one to one session
  • General information about your city of destination
  • Cost of living in your city of destination, including transportation, housing, daily expenses, study, jobs, weather, accommodation and cultural activities, scholarship, banking, credit card related quarries)
  • Employment related queries
  • Schooling related queries
  • Any other queries
  • Remember to bring : Necessary paperwork for Admission and Student permit.
  • Medical records
  • Employment references
  • Educational Credential
  • International drivers permit
  • Itemized list of your personal belongings
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Travel and Medical Insurance