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Language Education

Language Education

Canada is a natural choice for language education. Officially bilingual, Canada is also a country of immigrants and has invested a great deal in providing ESL (English as a second language) and FSL (French as a second language) resources. Canada’s language programs offer a fast and efficient way for international students to master the communication skills they need to succeed in academic, professional, and social settings.

Language proficiency is a key prerequisite for admission into a Canadian university or college.

International students have non-stop opportunities to practise their English or French outside of the classroom with friends, homestay families, internships, and in their communities at cultural and recreational events.

Nearly 230 accredited language programs are offered across Canada, from general proficiency education to specialized preparation for technical fields or internship programs.

All members of Languages Canada—the national association of language programs—operate under an Accreditation Scheme that ensures the schools meet high standards and operate with integrity.